Four Tricks for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

Content Marketing. You’ve heard the term, but have you got a strategy in place? It’s crucial in this day and age to populate your social media with interesting and relevant content to keep the engagement levels high, but where do you even begin? Content marketing really refers to saturating your social platforms with information, articles, […]


A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words But Cinemagraphs Tell The Story


I’m an aficionado of the horror genre. Bad horror movies? Awww, yisss. Really good scary movies – the kind that make you want to turn on every light in the house and check under your bed just to be sure there’s nothing lurking – even better. The Walking Dead? You’d better believe I’m a card-carrying […]


Experiencing the Magic: Three Ways to Better Execute Your Plan

Improving Plan Execution

Full disclosure – I’m a huge Disney World fan. The memories that I’ve made during the last 20 years are just priceless. For example, this one: my family and I sat down for a Disney Character breakfast – one where Mickey, Minnie, and other Disney characters visit your table for pictures and autographs while you […]


Happy 18th Birthday, Google!

Happy 18th Birthday, Google!

Does a day go by where you, personally, do not utilize Google? We use it so much that it was added to the dictionary as a noun and a verb in 2006. In fact, four years ago, the American Dialect Society chose “Google” as the “most useful word of 2002″. When they were back at […]


To Live Tweet or Not to Live Tweet…That is the Question (but Really Shouldn’t Be)

Live Tweeting

You’ve secured your venue, lined up an array of amazing speakers, and executed a brilliant promotional campaign. Now what? What else could you possibly do to shine the spotlight down on your event, webinar, or press conference? Is there even anything left that might help you gain that extra oomph needed to really put your […]


Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Unexpected Lessons From Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

It’s sweet summertime, but something other than the warm weather, cool pools, and bright sunshine is tempting people from their homes into the great outdoors. The recently launched and wildly popular smartphone app Pokémon Go has produced a surge in people walking around outside – albeit glued to their smartphones – but nevertheless out and […]


Where the Rubber Meets the Road – Driving Success with the Fission Startup Model

Our team has recently been lucky enough to work with the 80edays China Team, which has been an experience that is simultaneously fun, rewarding, and educational. 80edays aims to help accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility with the world’s largest and most competitive all-electric car rally. The China Team car, a DENZA, is piloted by […]


Oh, Snap! Why Your B2B Brand Should Be On Snapchat

Snapchat Ghost

Several weeks ago, my family and I attended my daughter’s cheerleading championships. Upon entering the arena, a torrent of candy-colored signage promoting the company’s social media accounts and in particular, a custom Snapchat filter created just for the day’s event, greeted us. Knowing my own daughter would surgically attach her phone to her hand if […]


The Tweets, They Are A-Changin’…

Larry the Twitter Bird

As the old saying goes, “Nothing stays the same but change.” And for Twitter users, there are some rather interesting changes afoot. As the social media juggernaut continues to struggle with the question of what it wants to be when it grows up, Twitter has decided to make some long-overdue (in my opinion, anyway) refinements. […]


Interprose’s Growth Strategy Continues with Multiple New Hires in PR and Marketing and Creation of New Data Analytics Role

RESTON, Va., May 25, 2016 – Interprose, a strategic communications company advancing credible perceptions for technology organizations, today announced it has hired three new employees due to recent growth with new clients and expanded services to existing customers. Interprose’s newest team members, Kelly Brandner, Jeny Dowlin, and Henry Richardson, further strengthen the company’s proven service […]

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