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The Tweets, They Are A-Changin’…

As the old saying goes, “Nothing stays the same but change.” And for Twitter users, there are some rather interesting changes afoot. As the social media juggernaut continues to struggle with the question of what it wants to be when it grows up, Twitter has decided to...

Yogi Berra and the Art of Being Memorable

Did you know that no other Major League Baseball (MLB) catcher has been named to as many all-star teams as the legendary Yogi Berra? Or that he racked up an impressive 358 home runs, 1,430 runs batted in, and three American League Most Valuable Player awards? How...
What You Don’t Know About Social Media Can Kill You(r Brand), Part I

What You Don’t Know About Social Media Can Kill You(r Brand), Part I

You’ve seen them on reddit, Slideshare, Twitter, and Facebook. You’ve probably rolled your eyes, laughed ruefully, and shook your head, wondering why, oh why, would anyone post something so stupid on (insert your favorite social platform here)? Didn’t they know what would happen? Didn’t they stop to think before they sent that tweet or posted that update? Didn’t they know any better?! Oh, the outrage!

Get on the Wiki-Wiki Bus, Part II

In part one of a two-part series discussing the importance of Wikipedia, we explored the reasons why your organization might – should, really – want to add a Wikipedia article to its communications toolbox. Its status as the sixth most-visited website on the Internet, prominence in organic search engine results, and frequent use as a research resource by the media should make the decision to join the hallowed pages of Wikipedia a no-brainer.

Get on the Wiki-Wiki Bus, Part I

The question is no longer should your business have a Wikipedia article, but why doesn’t it?

If you’ve ever visited or stopped over in the land of my ancestors, you’ve probably come across this Hawaiian travel staple – the whimsically named “Wiki-Wiki” bus. In the native Hawaiian language, the word “Wiki” means “quick”. At the Honolulu International Airport, the Wiki-Wiki bus serves as a quick way for travel-weary passengers to scoot between the various terminals.