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3CLogic was founded with the belief that:

  1. Cost of traditional call center platforms was too high
  2. Hosted call center offerings that utilize centralized servers are neither reliable nor scalable
  3. Integration of cloud based call centers with existing CRM systems was highly complex and lacked security

The founders of 3CLogic came from the founding team at NexTone Communications. They were pioneers in the VoIP space and had successfully created the Session Border Controller (SBC) product category for VoIP service providers. They saw an opportunity to bring together the benefits of VoIP with a distributed architecture that is resilient, secure and scalable. A new approach that was in sharp contrast to centralized server architecture was born. Every single point of failure of a centralized server based approach was carefully eliminated. A completely distributed architecture with no centralized media servers was implemented. Telephony functions were pushed to the edge of the cloud and were implemented on desktops on customer premise. The new approach was called Virtual Telephony Application Grid or V-TAG.