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When putting together a content strategy plan, there are many types of content to consider. With all these decisions ahead of you, it can seem overwhelming but if you take some time to define your goals first, the process will be a lot easier. From infographics, to videos, to articles there are many tactics to choose from once your goals are defined.

Writing contributed pieces is one of the most fundamental tactics in a content strategy plan. Articles provide you an opportunity to demonstrate expertise, and engage with the industry by starting conversations or sharing opinions. However, there are many platforms to consider when deciding where to publish your next contribution.

Three major platforms to consider include your company’s blog, a trade or business publication or LinkedIn Pulse. Each has unique benefits and it’s important to know what you want to accomplish before choosing a platform.

Recently, I wrote an article for MarketingProfs titled The Right Words at the Right Time in the Right Place: Three Platforms to Publish Your Content On that provides a deeper dive into this subject. So, if you are looking for some advice on where to publish your articles, go check it out.

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