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You know that feeling when you check your phone and there is a text message left from a good friend? You are happy to see their name on the screen and excited to read the message. Those good feelings stem from cultivating a strong friendship. And I bet that relationship didn’t happen overnight. It took time and effort to build a foundation of respect and camaraderie.

Now, wouldn’t it be great if reporters felt the same way when they saw your name and subject line pop up in their inbox? Or at least acknowledged your message! It is possible if you invest time and effort in establishing good relationships with the media.

The first surefire way for your message to be ignored is sending it to the wrong person. So you need to spend some time identifying the right media. You can check out my previous blog, 5 Steps to Finding the Right Media Outlets For Your Message to learn more on building the right media list.

Once you’ve established a good media list, you are ready to start reaching out to the media. In my recent article published in Agility PR News, 6 Tips for Establishing Media Relationships That Will Get You Coverage, I share my best practices for cultivating good relationships with the media. From getting to know the reporter to providing value through credible subject matter experts, there are a number of ways to make a reporter more eager to cover your company, product, executives and/or ideas.

September 2020 Update: Another great resource to share from BusinessWire: “Emerging Trends for PR Practitioners,” a whitepaper resulting from a recent roundtable that Inteprose CEO Vivian Kelly participated in.

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