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Today, working as a content developer and writing for executives and subject matter experts on topics such as AI, Quantum Computing, Neurotechnology, Blockchain and a wide range of other emergent technologies, some sage advice from my past life as a young magazine editor comes to mind. Back in the day, my mentor/senior editor provided insights that still ring true today about the interview process, by saying “People are often too close to their businesses and you need to draw them out and find angles that show clear benefits or perhaps play to a broader audience.”

There is a famous German quotation “Man sieht nur das, was man weiß” that translates to “You only see what you know.” Taking that sentiment to heart, you might find that engaging with communications professionals who specialize in identifying and tailoring messages that resonate with particular audiences could be a wise business move that yields measurable results.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind when working with a content creator or ghost writer:

  • Communicate your business goals and objectives clearly

    Helping ensure your content creator has a clear and thorough understanding of your business is an essential first step in generating strong and viable messaging. Once well versed in your business proposition, a good content creator can begin to think more strategically on messaging ideas and tactics that previously may not have been considered.


  • There’s no such thing as a stupid question

    Some of the most useful information that might never come to the forefront can often result from someone providing clarification in response to a random question. In fact, some interviewers knowingly ask leading questions that could be perceived as “off track,” with the understanding that subject matter experts by their very nature want to share individual knowledge and foster better understanding. Consider all questions as opportunities to explore broader messaging options.


  • Effective communication is a two-way street

    While you may have some solid ideas about what your content should convey, don’t hesitate to openly discuss your rationale, as well as the rationale your content creator is drawing upon to make messaging decisions. Some business professionals are really well informed about media matters, but some are not. Trust that in many cases the individual you are working with likely comes from a media background. What’s more, the content developer will often be supported by a broader team with substantial media relationships to query interest on your behalf.

These are a few ways to maximize the effectiveness of working with a content creator. While most everyone has a good understanding of their business and the value it provides, working with an outside content creator can potentially open new avenues for driving forward your image and perception, i.e., thought leadership, in both existing and possibly new markets.

You can learn more about the Interprose approach to content and read a recent case study by visiting our content services page.