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When Interprose opened for business in 1998, our first two clients were pioneers in Gigabit Ethernet and desktop video communications. Those technology trailblazers contributed to today’s video on-demand world, which is the new normal for this Netflix Generation.

Today, we’re celebrating 22 years of our clients’ technology innovations that have improved the way people around the globe live, work and play – through groundbreaking advancements in life sciences, power and energy, communications, security, transportation and even space.

In 2020, we’re collaborating with creators of next generation technologies that will continue to change our lives for the better. They are at the very forefront of high-tech developments, and we cannot wait to tell their stories and promote their brands to the world. It’s exciting to wonder how our customers are going to shape our future with AI and autonomous systems, blockchain, open source, 5G and other emerging technologies.

I, for one, had no idea when I started Interprose where we’d be in two decades, and how many thought leaders and marketing experts we’d work with during that time.

Thank you to everyone we’ve met along the way – and to those we’ve yet to meet!

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September 2020 Update: Great knowledge resource from BusinessWire: “Emerging Trends for PR Practitioners,” a whitepaper resulting from a recent roundtable that Inteprose CEO Vivian Kelly participated in.