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As an agency that helps clients create their own podcasts and book guest opportunities, we have great respect for the podcast medium. We listen to a lot of podcasts both professionally and personally. In honor of #InternationalPodcastDay, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites.



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Podcast cover of Pragmatic Marketing “I have subscribed to the Pragmatic Marketing newsletter for many years and was thrilled when they introduced their podcast. Practical tips for real-world marketing challenges.” – Lisa McCausland, Sr. Program Director | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy (BBC)“BBC’S 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy series highlights inventions, ideas and innovations that helped create the economic world. Favorite episode was on dams because it talks about their benefits and also the unforseen problems that can arise from them.” – Jill Miley, Program Director | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of Design Matters“Design Matters with Debbie Millman. Creativity comes in all forms and this podcast showcases that wonderfully by the variety of people Debbie interviews. From actors and authors to chefs and production designers, each episode exposes me to some very cool people and ideas that nurture my out-of-box problem solving for Interprose clients.” – Jeny Dowlin, Visual Communications Designer | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of Sand Hill Road“In his podcast ‘Sand Hill Road,’ Scott McGrew, Bay Area technology reporter, interviews the VC community where we hear a different perspective on the technologies and companies that are changing our world. One of my favorites is with Tess Hatch of Bessemer Venture Partners where she discusses the commercial space industry.” – Cathy Palmen, President | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of The RebootHosted by Jerry Colonna, we enjoy the honest and insightful discussions with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup leaders on facing various business challenges. One of our favorites episodes is #127 – Leadership Without Inclusivity Is Not Leadership with Jennifer Brown. | LISTEN NOW


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Podcast cover of Grid Talk“Grid Talk is a podcast featuring the leaders and innovators shaping the 21st century grid. They discuss how they are meeting the challenges and transitioning their businesses to operate successfully in a new era of evolving markets, changing regulations, higher customer expectation, increasing cybersecurity threats, demands for cleaner energy sources, growing customer-owned generations and emerging technology. A recent favorite episode is with Tom Pierpoint, Chair of IEEE USA Energy Policy Committee and President of Engineering at Austin Energy.” – Jill Miley, Program Director | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of Seeking Delphi“I met the host of Seeking Delphi, Mark Sackler, at SXSW a couple of years ago, where he was interviewing many of the speakers on emerging technologies. Mark and his guests engage in conversations that drill into technologies that effect our future as they discuss topics such as aging, artificial intelligence, space and quantum computing. I like to think of the show as presenting ‘Science Faction’.” – Cathy Palmen, President | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of The Energy GangProduced by Greentech Media, the Energy Gang delivers interviews and weekly roundups on energy, cleantech and environmental issues. Recent topics have included electrification, clashing visions of trucking’s future and restorative hydropower. | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of The Tech HumanistHumane technology is a hot topic of late and we’re glad The Tech Humanist podcast hosted by Kate O’Neill is there to keep the discussion front and center. All the guests are thought-provoking and brilliant. Case-in-point: a recent episode with Kaitlin Ugolik Phillips, journalist and author of The Future of Feeling: Building Empathy in a Tech-Obsessed World.| LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of This Week in Machine Learning & AI“This Week in Machine Learning & AI hosted by Sam Charrington. The topics and interview style are thought provoking and insightful in the AI realm. One of my favorite episodes is ‘What are the Implications of Algorithmic Thinking? with Michael I. Jordan’.” – Minu Seshasayee, Sr. Program Director | LISTEN NOW


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Podcast cover of Office Ladies“Office Ladies – it’s a weekly, episode-by-episode review of the U.S. version of The Office TV series, hosted by two of the actors from the show. They are best friends, and it really comes through how grateful they are for each other and the experience of being on the show.” – Eric Nance Woehler, Content Creator | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of This American Life“Since my early days as a journalist and radio dj, I have appreciated the work of public radio and good storytelling. I tune in weekly for This American Life with Ira Glass for its fresh perspectives and thought-provoking stories. Almost every episode provides me with both a moment of tears and roaring laughter. Recent gem, episode #715: Long-Awaited Asteroid Finally Hits Earth shares thoughts from parents, students and teachers managing education in the time of COVID.” – Jeny Dowlin, Visual Communications Designer | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of Literally! with Rob Lowe“Literally! with Rob Lowe is great fun. I really enjoy it because he makes himself and his guests seem real with lots of quirky, personal and interesting information.” – Melissa Power, Sr. Program Director | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of How I Built This with Guy RazTrue, this is a business podcast but Guy Raz makes this so entertaining, it never feels like one. Every episode highlights the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. Recent favorites include Bert and John Jacobs of Life is Good, Zocdoc’s Oliver Kharraz and Cathy Hughes of Urban One. | LISTEN NOW
Podcast cover of SmartlessGrab your favorite snack and dive in to your new guilty pleasure. Hosted by good friends Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes, each episode is just pure fun as they chat with other A-list friends about anything and nothing. | LISTEN NOW