Innovative Retail Tech – Championing Video-Based Intelligence In Your Organization

net_payne_headshotHow security and loss prevention professionals can guide the company toward increased profitability through more wide-scale video adoption

Security and loss prevention (LP) professionals have long understood the value of video. For security staff, video surveillance can deliver a real-time view into what’s happening at a location and capture a visual record of what’s transpired. For LP teams, video records not only speed investigations, they deliver clear evidence that can be used to find additional instances of fraud and theft quickly, as well as provide clear evidence for prosecution.

Because they use video regularly, most security and LP professionals have an exceptional grasp of how a video surveillance system should function, how the video should look, what sets one system apart from another, and how their retail organization is actually benefiting from its technology investment. Depending on their level of involvement in selecting the system and working through its design and deployment, they may also have extensive experience cooperating with other departments to ensure that the chosen video solution will meet everyone’s needs.

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