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In today’s world people, can access national and international news instantly on a plethora of devices but this accessibility doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the audience’s attention. As PR professionals, we are very aware that it’s about showing the audience how the news impacts their localities, their everyday lives.

Recently, Interprose worked with GlobalCom PR Network partner CCgroup and others to provide insight into cultural differences and similarities in basic PR practices in nine recognized regions across the U.S. Looking at categories such as media attitudes, cultural sensitivities and news, the survey asked questions such as

“What words would you use to describe the ‘typical’ media influencer?”and “How frequently do influencers take an interest in stories outside their region/country?”

The findings of the survey can be found on the ‘U.S. Transcreation’ project website.

With the world moving at such a fast pace, the press has the burden of researching and turning out stories to their audience in demanding timeframes. PR professionals have an opportunity to be part of the solution, bringing creative ideas, connecting the dots, and delivering spokespeople.

It’s worth stressing that regardless of region, journalists are interested in receiving relevant information to their area of coverage – this is first and foremost. Respecting their time, understanding deadlines, and making use of clear, concise pitches goes a very long way to building relationships and securing coverage for your company or clients.

We can’t stress the importance of relevancy too much…nobody has time to waste!

We invite you to view responses from US agencies providing regional input and invite you to share your comments.

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