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What we do

Let Interprose be your strategist, sounding board and “get to done” team.
We deliver results that matter—data-driven and directly tied to your business goals.

We understand your pressures all too well

  • Building brand awareness; reaching key influencers and decision makers
  • Bringing new customers and members in the door, then keeping them engaged
  • Maximizing revenue with minimal resources
  • Launching a product, service or event; expanding into new markets

Sound familiar? Let Inteprose bring its “A” game—fresh perspectives, critical thinking and industry expertise—to your program and projects.

Public Relations

We help you navigate the fast-changing media landscape. We research trends and tailor the right earned media mix for meaningful coverage with shelf life.

Social Media

We create, grow and nurture your online communities to form a powerful data-driven platform for amplifying your brand and gathering strategic insights.


We strive to tell your story in creative and authentic ways, tailored to the most effective communication channels to reach your target audiences.


We deliver compelling visuals, video and voice to amplify your brand, and help you generate attention and response in creative and effective ways.

Public relations

The media landscape is drastically changing—new media and platforms, the shrinking traditional media landscape, the rise of self-publishing—the list goes on. We navigate the waters on your behalf.

We’ve built our success on cultivating media relationships, researching trends, telling compelling stories, mixing the right media and channels to reach your audiences, and securing impactful coverage with lasting shelf life.

Media & analyst relations

PR strategy

Social media

Awards programs

Influencer campaigns

Speakers bureaus

Executive visibility

Paid media distribution

Content strategy and development

Media training

Performance analytics

Website analysis and strategy

Social media

Social media is a critical, integral part of your marketing mix that can amplify your brand, build communities and grow your audience, engagement, traffic and more.

From defining the strategy to managing the nuts and bolts of your content and campaigns, we’ve helped numerous clients go from zero to hero with their social media programs. We lean heavily on data analytics and your KPIs, fine tuning as we go to maximize the outcomes and deliver results that impact your business.

Social media strategy & planning

Auditing & Share of Voice evaluation

Program & campaign management

Paid advertising planning & management

Social listening & business intelligence

Ad optimization

Performance analytics

Content development

Content curation

Influencer discovery & engagement campaigns

Community building & management

Event promotion & live coverage

Graphic development & optimization


Every organization has a story to tell. How you came to be. What your product or service does better. Why customers, members and partners choose you.

We help you tell your story in creative, authentic ways, using all appropriate earned and paid media and communication channels. From distilling the key messages to determining the right media mix of written, video, visuals and social, we make your story stand out—we amplify your brand.

Content strategy & development

Brand storytelling & messaging

Social media content development



Company and community communications


Persona development

Script development

Report writing


We take creativity very seriously. For tech B2Bs and associations, it’s not about being cheeky or “yelling” the loudest for attention. Creativity is both an art and a process. It melds with your business.

What’s the right voice and look/feel to reach your target audience? Is your story best told through a video, a podcast, infographic or an article?

Adolite case study image

Brand strategy

Logo & visual identity design

Brand guideline development

Graphic design & production

Infographic design

Website design

Microsite design

Social media visuals

Presentation graphic & template design

Digital & print ad design

Marketing collateral development

Video production

Sales enablement / sales tools

PESO model

Paid. Owned. Earned. Social.


We offer the full gamut of services and professional expertise to deliver an integrated marketing program that helps you benefit from the right mix of content, distribution, audience and ultimately results.

We'd love to hear from you.

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