Specialists in…

We employ the best, brightest and most experienced professionals in media relations, communications and marketing. While offering myriad services, Interprose focuses on specific offerings that will increase your organization's business worth.

Media/Analyst Relations

At Interprose, we always remember that you are the client. Our job is to make you and your company’s reputation shine. We’ll achieve the results you need to meet your business goals: Whether it’s an IPO, acquisition or growth and recognition in your industry, and we’ll tell you about obstacles and potential landmines in advance. We are highly specialized in the technology sector and employ a strong referral network. Our reputation in the B2B public relations sector is deep-seated and we work tirelessly to maintain thriving relationships with major online and print publications, globally.

Marketing Communications

We know exactly what our clients are looking for. In addition, we know the frustrations of working with traditional marketing and communications agencies because we’ve experienced the same challenges. We know what it’s like to invest heavily in a marketing campaign, yet see little or no return on investment. That’s why we employ a confident team that identifies, creates and capitalizes on opportunities for you. It’s your vision…and our purpose.

Digital Marketing

As a team of experienced digital marketing professionals with extensive backgrounds in technology, we understand your business and market. We pride ourselves on being a communications firm with an impressive track record of helping change market perception for small and large companies alike, and launching early stage startups. Using our know-how and digital marketing expertise, we’ll empower you and your brand through advancing meaningful differentiation in an era of increasing marketplace noise.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media for the sake of social media? Never! Not only will we help you create a meaningful social media campaign but we’ll also help you understand our chosen approach and how it will accentuate your brand. We adhere to the principal that social media integrates all of your content, marketing and public relations initiatives to advance credible perceptions. Need we say more?

Content Strategy

Interprose is comprised of a strategic team that can provide counsel on your company’s unique messaging and positioning to set your brand apart from your competitors. Differentiation is the name of the game. Because your content represents the infrastructure of your business, we’ll assist with creating a strategy that won’t isolate but integrate; it will connect, unite and serve your brand.

Executive Speaking Programs

Conferences come and go, rising and falling, expanding or compressing with industry developments. But two things never change: One, you on the dais, impresses the heck out of customers, prospects, and industry influencers; it’s some of the best face time out there. The other thing that never changes? Our ability to put you on the dais. Because we really work a speaker program and we really know how. Ask our clients who have spoken at the Consumer Electronics Show, Mobile World Congress, CTIA Wireless, CommunicAsia, OFC/NFOEC, and on and on.


Leadership comes in many, many forms. Through our awards program, we shine a light on extraordinary organizations, technologies and individuals that have created something to recognize. Awards are an important element of a communications campaign. Whether you are an emerging company looking to establish credibility and significantly raise your profile, to an established business looking to broaden your standing, a strategic awards program is valuable. Our specialists understand what it takes to successfully secure awards, and promote them eloquently, making you shine.

Event/Trade Show Planning & Promotion

With a team of professionals and affiliations located in the United States and around the world, Interprose provides the reach necessary to offer an effective means of event and tradeshow coverage and planning. Like many marketing plans, an effective event strategy will always include a presence at industry-related conventions and symposiums. Whether exhibiting or scheduling briefings, Interprose is there to tie all the event pieces together and improve your voice and presence.