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Get on the Wiki-Wiki Bus, Part II

In part one of a two-part series discussing the importance of Wikipedia, we explored the reasons why your organization might – should, really – want to add a Wikipedia article to its communications toolbox. Its status as the sixth most-visited website on the Internet, prominence in organic search engine results, and frequent use as a research resource by the media should make the decision to join the hallowed pages of Wikipedia a no-brainer.

Get on the Wiki-Wiki Bus, Part I

The question is no longer should your business have a Wikipedia article, but why doesn’t it?

If you’ve ever visited or stopped over in the land of my ancestors, you’ve probably come across this Hawaiian travel staple – the whimsically named “Wiki-Wiki” bus. In the native Hawaiian language, the word “Wiki” means “quick”. At the Honolulu International Airport, the Wiki-Wiki bus serves as a quick way for travel-weary passengers to scoot between the various terminals.