Amy Foschetti

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Amy Foschetti’s favorite part about working with Interprose is the virtual business model. “I enjoy the flexibility,” she says. “It enables me to have a balanced life between work and family.”

Back before she was the balanced and well-adjusted Mrs. Foschetti (née Miller), raising three beautiful children with her hubby in North Carolina, however, she was known as “Killer Miller.” Back on the northern Virginia school soccer circuit, Amy was a team captain and relentless sweeper—the last defender before her team’s goalkeeper.

“I would do everything in my power and ability to stop the other team. It was tough to get through or around me.”

Amy says, “I still love to be active, work out and be healthy. And I hope to get back into a league at some point, even if it’s coaching my kids’ soccer teams.”

For now, however, Program Director Foschetti plies her unstoppable “Killer Miller” tenaciousness only on behalf of Interprose’s clients—helping them communicate effectively with their customers through media- and analyst-relations programs.