Monti Lacombe

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Monti Lacombe finds it funny that she has spent the last decade of her career in communications for high-tech clients, given that the first years of her working life were so decidedly low-tech.

After five years with the American Red Cross, Monti in 1966 volunteered to move to the organization’s Southeast Asia headquarters in Vietnam. She served there a year and five days, through Nov. 4, 1967.

“Manual typewriters … used carbon paper, ditto paper and stencils … antiquated phone system manned by GI telephone operators,” Monti recalls. “It was the experience of a lifetime.”

In 25 years with the American Red Cross, Monti also served in Japan, Korea and various offices across the United States. Since 2004, she has been the office administrator for Interprose. She enjoys coordinating and monitoring the daily office activities and sharing current procedures with the team.

“I enjoy the dedication, exuberance and enthusiasm of each individual at Interprose,” Monti says. And when she’s not working? “I love spending time with my husband, mom and toy poodle!”