Vivian Kelly

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Vivian Kelly’s whole career has been around technology, but her whole life is about family.

In 1984, Vivian went to work in her hometown of Reading, England, for a computer dealership that sold the first Apple Macintosh computer.

“I never looked back,” she says. “Throughout my life people have given me opportunities or encouraged me to go for it. I try to emulate that with others.”

So, though her title is chief executive officer of Interprose (the company she founded in 1998), Vivian considers a more apt description of her true role to be “chief motivator.”

“I empower my team and our clients to shoot for the moon and stretch beyond what they feel they are capable of,” she says. “When I’m not doing that, I run the company and collaborate with customers to devise communications strategies that work.”

Vivian’s biological and Interprose family comprise her top priority.

“Valuing family and friends is the glue that binds Interprose,” she says. “The job is extremely rewarding, but by far what I like best about Interprose is the incredible collection of people I’m surrounded by and learn from every day. The people are second to none and that includes my team, our clients and the influencers we interact with.”