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It seemed impossible to try and keep the world’s economy going while people were locked down, adjusting to working from their kitchen tables or cramped bedrooms. But media outlets, bloggers, social media influencers and celebrities everywhere helped make a traumatic situation better with their TikTok videos, Instagram photos and words of advice.

CNN's WFH series imageCNN’s Richard Quest launched a fun and informative series called WFH New Reality, which was chock full of great tips on everything from expectations vs. reality, keeping fit, coping emotionally, managing teams, hackers, homeschooling, and more, all recorded from the confines of his own home.

It’s impossible to predict how much we’ll be impacted by COVID-19 in the long run. While schools, offices, restaurants, hotels and other businesses are opening up all over the world, many big named companies are allowing their employees to work from home until 2021— or forever! Who knows, this may just be the end of offices as we know it.

Media outlets of every kind have a lot to say about remote working. It’s a hot topic that will be reported on for a long time to come. This means there are lucrative opportunities for new innovations in the telecoms industry to help us be more effective, efficient and productive in our home offices.

I learned about some of these new technology solutions at a Telecom Council meeting on the topic of remote working. I had the opportunity to present my expertise at their virtual Innovation in Telework event from my 20+ years experience working with geographically dispersed employees and clients.

It was fascinating to hear what technology entrepreneurs and start-ups are doing to improve how we work, live and play in this new decentralized world where opportunities to progress in our careers could be endless. Equally, publications like the Wall Street Journal are reporting how Coronavirus prompts Americans to reassess the need to reside near hot job markets.

Telecommunications technology makes this all possible, and I’m keeping a keen eye on how this is going to play out.

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